Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Setting up Jersey for use

If you use Maven you can use it to download Jersey and keep it up to date. There are links to the POM files on the getting started page. In particular, you need the jersey-server module, and the grizzly-servlet-webserver module. If you want to use WADL with JDK 1.5 you need the jaxb-impl module. If you are not using Maven, you need only a few JARs:


[NOTE: these projects are under active development, so you may find newer versions of these jars available]

As with using Jersey via Maven, if you want to use WADL with JDK 1.5, you need some additional jars:


We will ignore WADL for now, which limits the required jars to just the first five. But in addition to the binaries, I prefer to have the sources and javadoc available, which makes the total number of jars 15 (a binary, source, and javadoc jar for each).

Once you have the JARs, configure your classpath or your IDE to include them in your project. You're then ready to write the obligatory 'hello world' program.

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